Who We Are

The Dream

Anything is possible. So, why not dream big?

Public art? Urban gardens? Community kitchens? All possible. All works-in-progress now at the IX Art Park. An industrial zone in the center of Charlottesville, the IX warehouse property is an ideal location for applying critical, contemporary, cultural theory and practice. This is not about rhetoric, theory or yet another urban planning study. This is about manifesting the cultural community we want to live in … now.

How are we going to do it?

Well, actually, we did it. After several community work sessions, and a several-month build out, we’ve completed Phase 1 of the IX Art Park, with nearly all works created on premises utilizing artist-led citizen teams and school groups. Phase 2 will expand upon the pieces we’ve put in place and extend the project scope to teach career craft skills in metal, wood, concrete, glass, mosaic and tile. A “maker’s space” is being installed in the downstairs warehouse, along with a community kitchen and a public events space. Furthermore, the IX Art Park is exploring the idea of semi-permanent artist in residence studios, installation spaces and retail opportunities for the arts.

Who is going to pay for it?

We all are. The Phase 1 budget of $45,000 was raised with a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign and private contributions, including a $20,000 gift from Ludwig Kuttner. But Phase 2 now needs funding. If you want to help the IX Art Park meet its community goals, you can give here right now. If you can’t give funds, that’s OK, we need resources, too. Wood, metal, paint, you name it. And we need hands. Volunteer labor will keep costs low. We also need help writing grants and planning events in our expanding schedule, as we strive to keep the IX Art Park active, relevant and vital.

Who can get involved?

Anyone can play. Currently participating in the IX Art Park are 45 artists ranging from landscape architects to sculptors to muralists, as well as educators and community organizers – as this project aims to engage the entire community in its design and fabrication.Among those participating are artists Beatrix Ost, Toru Oba, Javier Lorenzo, Katarzyna Borek, Beryl Solla, John Rubino, Katherine Sigman, Christian Breeden, Joseph Schepps, Devin Floyd, W. Beren McGee, Chris Mitchell, Bernie McCabe, Zack Worrell, Fred Morris and our current resident artist Chicho Lorenzo. The IX Art Park has also benefited from the participation of students from the Renaissance School, Village School and Tandem Friends School – and are coordinating involvement from staff and students in the Albemarle and Charlottesville public schools, as well as UVA, JMU and PVCC.

The IX Art Park Board

Brian Wimer: Executive Director at the IX Art Park, Wimer is an award-winning filmmaker. In 2012, Wimer initiated Project Gait-Way, the design competition for the Belmont Bridge replacement. Wimer was also a journalist for National Geographic and a NYC ad creative, regrettably known best for his Taco Bell Chihuahua TV ads.

Ludwig Kuttner: Ludwig Kuttner is a venture capitalist with more than 40 years experience in real estate development.  He is the majority owner of Monticello Associates LLC, and has generously donated land for The IX Art Park.  Kuttner was instrumental in the revitalization of the Charlottesville downtown mall, and is a generous donator to numerous arts organizations.

Beatrix Ost: Beatrix Ost is an accomplished artist, author and fashion icon. Her work has been exhibited at the Virginia Second Street Gallery, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News and various other venues in New York and Germany.

Javier Lorenzo: Javier Lorenzo, aka “Chicho” is a Spanish artist with on a mission. Besides painting his own colorful art, he has spent his life encouraging others to enjoy themselves through the Art experience, working with children, people with special needs and any other who’s open to enjoy Life.

Susan Krischel: Susan Krischel is currently the Chief of Staff for Hampshire Investments Ltd and K Holdings LLC.  Prior to moving to Charlottesville in 2012, Susan spent 17 years as a criminal prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York City, rising to the level of Bureau Chief of the Special Investigations Bureau for the New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor.  Before pursuing a career in law, she studied dance at the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy and worked in the fashion industry with E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.  She also enjoys playing classical piano in her spare time.

Troy Bowles: Troy Bowles makes it all happen. When he’s not in Chile, Troy manages the IX Art Park site work and grounds. He is an employee of Monticello Associates LLC and is instrumental in the vision and execution of The IX Art Park.