Dream Big Mural Competition

The IX Art Park in Charlottesville, VA needs a fresh, new mural on the two-story, 5,000 sq ft warehouse wall overlooking the park. There, the current, beloved “Dream Big” mural has weathered two years and new construction. Thus, the park needs a new “Dream Big” vision. Something beautiful and inspiring that reflects the park’s unique, funky spirit. Proposals will be judged by IX Art Park staff. The winning entry will be implemented in Spring of 2019.

Application Timeline

  • March 28, 2019 last day to submit proposal for feedback before final submission

  • April 12, 2019 submission deadline (11:59pm)

  • April 19, 2019 mural selected and announced

  • April 20 - May 25, 2019 mural installation period


Criteria for mural selection

  • Artistic merit & creativity

  • Connection to the “Dream Big” theme

  • Site Relevance – how does the design accommodate for windows and doors

  • Qualifications of applicant (this may include relevant experience/education/training, references, extraordinary vision, portfolio, samples of prior work, etc.)

Applicant registration

Proposal Requirements

Name *
  • a PDF or JPEG image of your design, superimposed on site

  • description of your idea: tell us how your mural is unique and relevant to the “Dream Big” theme

  • a simple breakdown of how you intend to use the $1500 budget.

    • Keep in mind the costs involved with site preparation – cleaning/waterblasting and undercoating, paint, tape, brushes, drop sheets, masks (if using aerosol paint, oil based paint, graffiti guard).

  • your credentials/qualifications

    • Detail any former artistic experience you/your team might have.

    • Please submit active links to portfolio and samples of prior work here.

      Please email proposals to brian@ixartpark.org.